Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To a great past and an even greater new year:
This past year was great for our business, Journey's Edge Farm.  We attended many vendor and craft shows and met some interesting people.  Sometimes I ask myself do I do it as a social affair or to hopefully help people be able to purchase natural products....well the answer is both!!  People not only purchase but they help me out with ideas of new items and ways to sell. I love the stories they pass along and I really love the sour looks on some faces when I tell them that my products are made from goat's milk. Which brings me to my girls, my goats, they are still bouncing and frolicking all over their goat paradise....well it will be once I have added more items for them to play on. Right now they are enjoying playing queen of the mountain on one rickety attempt at a double dynamic climber!  But they are growing up and we are also growing closer to them as they mellow out even more. Willow, who was always so proud and strong willed now loves a tummy scratch, and Gracie I believe would crawl up on my lap if she could...oh, did I mention that they still love my singing!! I am going to add a few new items to my business very soon with great hopes and a lot of faith. I expanded my business to Ohio this past year and I am happy to say that all but one of the locations are doing well.  This is still just a work in progress and we are always open to suggestions or ideas, as we continue on our journey!