Sunday, October 19, 2014

As a child I was raised on a small farm where my parents butchered their own hogs, raised chickens, eat the eggs and then the chickens, when a new fresh laying bunch come of age.  I didn't take part in any of the messy things, I enjoyed playing with our energetic Dutch rabbits or raising an orphaned chick when needed.  Now as an, oh no, "aging adult" I have found myself living on a farm and thoroughly enjoying the adventures of a small business.  I have recently purchased two of the most precious Nubian does. I have quickly fallen in love with their quick wit and spunky personalities. When I look on to the future, all aspects involve the farm and I am encouraged more every time I feed these lovely creatures (goats, dogs, chickens, cats) to use the earth as needed to produce and fulfill our lives and theirs. So maybe we do go back to our childhood in more ways than one as we get older.