Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Times
Do you ever wonder how you come to be where you are now, in your life?  Is it what you thought you would be doing, say 10 or 15 years ago?  Everyday I thank my creator for my life and the day and then begin the robotic routine of preparing for work. I love my job as an assistant in a middle school but most of all I love my small goat milk products business!  A few years ago I spend all extra time and money on the students at school but now I find myself working on my business every free moment I can spare at school.  My friend and I talk about how we want to be somewhere else and all the things we could be doing elsewhere.  Then I ask myself is it my age that is making me want something different to occupy my time or is it just meant to be?  I feel now more than ever that I am being led on this path.  So did I miss what I was supposed to be, a long time ago?  Did I just choose the school because it was convenient at the time?  Regardless  I am thoroughly enjoying the farm and the animals. I am on cloud nine waiting to see what adventure awaits!