Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Girls
Ok, let's go back when Journey's Edge Farm was just an idea and a hope to when I lived on the internet researching goat farming.  I read countless articles on raising and caring for dairy goats, each one giving a different tip on feeding methods, health care, and overall tending the goats.  I took a tidbit from each one compiling what I thought was good advise on raising my girls.  One article stood out in my mind considering that I love to sing, whether I am good or not is not my concern, I know I enjoy it.  The farmer in the article mentioned singing to their goats or playing a radio for company.  They told of how it seemed to calm them and anyone who likes to sing knows that it makes you happy as well.  So, with it being the Christmas season, well and Christmas carols are my favorite, I began to sing Silent Night to my girls one evening when feeding.  The reaction was so heart felt that it immediately brought tears to my eyes.  They both looked up at me as if to say thank you for the tune, but it was my little Grace who stole my heart. Grace gazed up at me resting her head on my arm, for I was also petting them as a sang, and she seemed to be focused on each word as if truly listening for it's meaning.  At that moment my girls also became my friends giving me as much comfort as I do them.


  1. Love are the goat whisperer/singer!

  2. My goats loved when I sang to them. Now your starting to understand the wonders of the goats. lol