Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wow, it is almost winter! The time passes so fast. The other day my brother-in-law brought his cattle down from the hill, we are making plans for winterizing our dog kennels, and I begin being a worry wart, making sure all the chickens and other animals are safe and warm from the snow. I have even been looking at coats for my two goats, Willow and Grace. I notice we are not the only ones making arrangements for possibly bad weather. The grass has stopped growing so that any tender blades would not be smothered by the snow, the trees have shed their leaves to keep snow from sticking to them and weighting down the branches causing them to break, and the wildlife have grown a new thick layer of fur to accommodate the weather. Then as I look out at the farm I realize that we are not the only ones who change, well I do know that these changes take place, but I feel like I just expect them to and I don't appreciate what really happens. The earth prepares itself just as we do! Just as we would fancy up for a big party, the earth snuggles in for the winter. Then when the ground begins to warm again earth's decorations begin to appear blanketing all surroundings with it's beauty. Just as we have to rest after a long day at work, the earth also needs a reprieve to build up strength for the next big event. So let's not look at possible a snowy, cold winter as doom and gloom, look at it as a restful period of time waiting for a big celebration. I write poetry so I wanted to share this idea with you all.

As we hear the leaves 
crumple under
our feet,
And watch as the trees
transform into sleek,
smooth wonders,
mighty under the vast 
blue depth,
Hush and be still
listen to all that
Hush and be still
listen to what?

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  1. That's GREAT Penny!!! I didn't know you wrote poetry!!!! Nice!!!! I don't think you will need to put coats on your goats. Unless they really are shaking cold. LOL!! My goats LOVED when it got a little cold outside. Just see how they act and use your own judgement.